Visual Sound Live - Performance Captioning for the Theatre

Accessibility for the deaf and people with impared hearing to Theatre productions

Captioning translated script

Visual Sound Live - Scrolling captioned text on domestic, large screen TV's.

Visual Sound Live - Performance Captioning System.
The Visual Sound Live system enhances accessibility for deaf and hearing impared people to live theatre performances.
An Open Captioned Performance scrolls script lines, as they are spoken, on large screen TV's which are situated either side of the stage.
Example of Captioned Lines
The displays can also include the description of sounds, lyrics of songs and a description of music being played.
Captioning a live performance has been simplified to make it cost effective to introduce more captioned performances, filling more seats.
There are believed to be some 8 Million people in the UK with some form of hearing impairment who could benefit.
Can also provide for an English language translation for performances shown in their native language.