Visual Sound Live - Performance Captioning for the Theatre

Accessibility for people with impaired hearing to Theatre productions

Visual Sound Live - Scrolling captioned text on standard, large screen TV's.

Key features.
The Visual Sound Live system scrolls large caption text to one or more monitors (full HD TV's).
Sounds are described to allow the audience full appreciation of the performance.
Announcements and administrative messages can be displayed to keep the audience fully informed throughout the performance.
A built-in rolling demonstration is available to inform the audience what to expect when the performance begins.
Key benefits.
Visual Sound Live is easy to use in both preparing scripts and for the captioner during the performance.
Outputs to large screen domestic tv's - little or no need for large capital expense.
Easily configured to suit available TV's.
Low in cost, making it economic to caption more performances, filling more seats.
Helps ALL the audience to follow a performance should they miss a line for whatever reason.
Helps compliance with current legislation regarding accessibility for people with impaired hearing.
The Visual Sound Live web site is planned to be a hub to advertise and promote captioned performances.